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You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture.

Just get people to stop reading them.

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1. Do not talk about this community in unlocked posts!
2. If you are looking for something specific view the memories. If you are generally looking around for a certain genre or file format use the tags.
3. In order to read the entries I just have to friend you, you do not need to friend me (though it is appreciated). In order for me to friend you, you can leave a comment or you can friend me and I will friend you back.
4. If you are having an issue please look here and if you still need help feel free to comment in that post.

As a side note, I am getting sick of posting and receiving absolutely NO comments. You do not have to comment all the time but it would be highly appreciated-that way I would know what you guys liked, what you guys didn't like, etc. PLUS, it would not make me feel like I am doing this for absolutely no reason.